• CHETNIKS – 1943 aka The Fighting Guerrillas WWII
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CHETNIKS – 1943 aka The Fighting Guerrillas WWII

Aka The Fighting Guerrillas



Comes in plastic sleeves.

German troops invade Yugoslavia on April 6, 1941. After the government surrenders, Serbian Army Colonel Draza Mihailovic leads a freedom fighting group of guerrillas, the Chetniks, who launch a resistance movement against the Axis occupation troops.

Colonel Draza Mihailovichn, the Chetniks leader, orders his men to move down from the hills to prey on German and Italian cotangents, derailing trains and blasting ammunition dumps. They disrupt German communications, immobilize Axis troops and provide a constant headache for the invader's. Unable to stop the Chetniks, thy invaders attempt to capture Mihailovich through his wife and children, All food stores are closed to the people of Kotar, until they inform on the whereabouts of the Colonel's family. the Chetniks break this starvation threat. The Axis, though foiled, eventually finds the guerrilla leaders wife and children. When they refuse to betray the Cherniks, the invader's turn to more drastic measures against the town residents, who have a few traitors among them