Foreign Legion



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La bandera aka Escape from Yesterday
Commando aka The Legion's Last Patrol
Fort Saganne  
Lost Command  
Beau travail aka Good Work
Ten Tall Men  
Siren of Atlantis  
Under Two Flags  
Beau Geste  
La battaglia di Algeri aka The Battle of Algiers
Beau Geste Series
March or Die  
Operation Leopard aka La légion saute sur Kolwezi 
The Legion of Missing Men  
Deserter aka Legion of Honor
Fort Algiers  
Drums of Desert  
Desert Command  
Desert Sands  
Outpost in Morocco  
The Flying Deuces  
Under Two Flags  
Desert Legion  
The Winds of the Aures aka Rih al awras
Rogues Regiment  
Beau Geste  
Legend of the Lost   


The Devils in Love
Flesh and the Woman
Southern Carrier
The Desert Song
Adventure in Sahara

Lady Killer

Beau Geste   1966



Atlantis     -  L'Atlantide.  aka Queen of Atlantis 1921

Sergeant Klems

The Mercenaries  aka Dark of The Sun

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Atlantis     -  L'Atlantide.  aka Queen of Atlantis 1921 On DVDR&nb..
Commando 1962 aka The Legion's Last Patrol. Stewart Granger A French Foreign Legion commander is to..
Dark of the Sun - 1968 aka The Mercenaries English On DVDR     &nb..
Desert Sands (1955)  Foreign Legion On DVDR  or DOWNLOAD The French Foreign Legion b..
Drums of the Desert  1940 On DVDR  or DOWNLOAD On his way to a post as special advis..
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Flesh and the Woman              ak..
Follow the Legion – 1942 aka ¡A mí la legión English SUBTITLES  On DVDR  &..
Fort Algiers  1953 On DVDR   or Download In northwest Africa, a tribal leader t..
Fort Saganne (1984) On DVDR   OR DOWNLOAD English subtitles French civilization i..
L'Atlantide  1932 On DVDR English subtitles. Antinea. the Queen of Atlantis, rules her se..
La bandera (1935) aka  Escape from Yesterday On DVDR with English subtitles Pierre Giliet..
Lady Killer  1937 aka Gueule d'amour On DVDR English subtitles Cases, no art Lucien..
Le grand jeu  1934 Foreign Legion aka The Full Deck On DVDR English subtitles Pierr..
Operation Leopard  aka La légion saute sur Kolwezi (1980) On DVDR   OR DOWNLOAD ..
Outpost in Morocco  1949  Foreign Legion On DVDR Capt. Gerard, greatest lover in the..
Renegades 1930 Foreign Legion On DVDR Vhsrip Four one-for-all and all-for-one privates in t..
Rogues Regiment  1948 On DVDR  or DOWNLOAD Comes in plastic sleeves A post World ..
Sergeant Klems - 1971 aka Il sergente Klems English dubbed On DVDR or Download A man mas..