• Archive of Death – 1980 aka Archiv des Todes English Subtitles
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Archive of Death – 1980 aka Archiv des Todes

Aka  Archiv des Todes

English subtitles


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In November 1944, five international resistance fighters; Georg, Boris, Heiner, Hauptmann Ernst and Janek present a secret German archive containing the names of collaborators to the Allies. The problem is that if the Soviet Army continues to advance , there is a risk that this archive will be misplaced. The exact location of this archive is not yet known, so the group parachuted to the edge of the Beskidsdiscontinued. One of them, Georg, is injured when the group jumps off and is separated from the others. In a swamp he is rescued by the Polish partisan Hanka. When Georg fails due to his injury, Hanka and his friends kidnap Oberfeldarzt Dr. tepid. This can treat Georg's injury. The group is separated by various circumstances, but reunites and can continue with the task. The resistance fighters found another ally in radio operator Renate Wiesner. Opponents are Major Zirrgiebel and Captain Frenzel from the defense and SS Standartenfuhrer Hauk, SS Obersturmbannfuhrer Flint and SS Obersturmfuhrer Beisel.