• Berlin 39 (1993) WWII
  • Berlin 39 (1993) WWII
  • Berlin 39 (1993) WWII
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Berlin 39 (1993) WWII


ans Lossberg (Ken Marshall) is a German officer forced to get married to Louise (Maddalena Crippa), an aristocratic daughter of a general, who was a hero in the First World War. Louise is an authentic bitch and has a lesbian love with Margo (Nina Soldano). Wieland (John Savage) is a powerful man from Gestapo. One day, Hans finds Inge (Antonella Fattori) hurt on the road and she dies in his car, leaving some documents in the back seat of his car. Hans decides to return this letters to her family and meets her sister Anna (Ray Sandvik). Their family is in the black list of Gestapo, since her father is considered subversive. Hans and Anna fall in love for each other and Louise plots revenge against Anna's family, using the power of Wieland.


Ken Marshall    ...                       


John Savage     John Savage     ...                       


Kay Rush           Kay Rush           ...                       

Anna (as Kay Sandvik)

Maddalena Crippa                     Maddalena Crippa                     ...                       


Macha Méril    Macha Méril    ...                       

Madame Vic