• Blazing Battle   aka Lebak membara (1983)
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Blazing Battle   aka Lebak membara (1983)

English dubbed



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Against the backdrop of the Japanese colonial era, in the Lebak area near Cirebon it was a mighty young man named Herman. He was detained at the Japanese army headquarters for defending his guilty teacher. Herman's detention did not last long by Lt. Izumi and Captain Nakamura's considerations. The two Japanese officers were worried that Herman's boys would take revenge. However, without his commanders a number of Japanese soldiers raped Marni Herman's lover. The incident made Herman furious and killed several Japanese soldiers. Herman is back on the run. Her father and Marni were arrested. Herman continued to flee and join the group of fighters, then attacked the Japanese stronghold. Japan itself is on the verge of defeat, with the explosion of atomic bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki and the arrival of allies. Then Indonesia declared the proclamation of independence. As an officer, Captain Nakamura persisted. Fierce opposition by the fighters ensued, among them Herman.