• Down South, up North, Vietnam War Movie
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Down South, up North, Vietnam War Movie


English subtitles

This movie is about an unexpected reunion between a soldier and a bayadere. This movie is a reminder of a fierce war years in Northern.

Quang, a handsome and innocent boy,leaving Hanoi - his hometown to go to the Southern to fight with the enemy.

He gradually becomes nervous when his teammates talk about the violence of war, the obsession of the coming death simultaneously the dire bombings he sees by his own eyes on the way.

So, he decides to desert in the dark night and then gets the train to the Northern. Suddenly, he meets a little girl named Nu. He tries to hide the truth and tells Nu that he is on the duty. She always trust and look up to Quang, which makes him wonder whether he should come back battlefield or not.

Finally, she finds out the truth and she is so dissapointed. Quang is ashamed. Then, he jumps into a train to battlefield while the train is passing him.