• The Volunteers – Series- Korean War
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The Volunteers – Series- Korean War


English subtitles


Comes in plastic sleeves.

The Kuomintang company commander Zhao He was captured in the Nanning Campaign. When he was about to take the demobilization to go home, the fourth company company commander Tang Dacheng led him out of the camp as a "liberation fighter". , Brought to the Korean battlefield, for the veterans of the Fourth Company, such as Chen Tianfang, Miao Quanlu, and Wang Baoquan, Zhao He was their former enemy. A war far away in a foreign country changed the fate of everyone. In Yunshan, in Changjin Lake, in Linjin River. In a foreign country, wars are raging. On both sides of the battlefield, there are Zhao He's enemies. He must bear the past and the present to survive this war. In the rain of bullets, Zhao He grew up with Si Company. Zhao He gradually realized what a great army this team was, and the soldiers of Si Company gradually accepted Zhao He. In the middle of the night when the armistice agreement came into effect, when peace finally arrived, Zhao He and the soldiers of the Fourth Company witnessed history in front of the battle line.

★Starring: Fu Xinbo/Dong Qi/Li Gan/Lan Haimeng/Ju Silk Exhibition

★Number of episodes: 13 episodes