• Kafr kasem / The Massacre of Kafr Kassem (1975)
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Kafr kasem / The Massacre of Kafr Kassem (1975)


English subtitles

This political drama takes place on the even of the 1956 Suez War, Israel imposed a curfew on Palestinians living under its rule. Unaware of this, the villagers of Kafr Kassem were met by Israeli troops while returning from their farms and jobs outside of the village. Many were subsequently executed cold-bloodily in what became known as the Kafr Kassem massacre. Cast:

Abdallah Abbassi                                                  

Ahmad Ayub     Ahmad Ayub                               

Salim Sabri        Salim Sabri                                  

Shafiq Manfaluti                         Shafiq Manfaluti                                                   

Charlotte Rushdi                        Charlotte Rushdi