• Frontier – 1935  aka Ivan, Aerograd
  • Frontier – 1935  aka Ivan, Aerograd
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Frontier – 1935  aka Ivan, Aerograd

Aka Air City


English subtitles

A Soviet outpost in eastern Siberia comes under threat of attack by the Japanese in this patriotic film from 1935. Aerograd is a new city with a strategically located airfield of vital interest to the government. Work on the new outpost is complicated when tensions develop between workers and members of a religious sect, who fled east after the Revolution. The sect threatens to give their support to a band of marauding Samurai warriors, who intend to conquer the region for the Japanese Empire. The Old Believers have sent delegates to the Emperor of Japan to enlist his aid in keeping the Red Star from flying over the East. But is the invincibility of the Red Army ever in doubt...