• Ballad of a Bomber  aka Ballada o bombere 2011
  • Ballad of a Bomber  aka Ballada o bombere 2011
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Ballad of a Bomber  aka Ballada o bombere 2011

2 Disc Miniseries With English Subtitles

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The squadron is flying the Tupolev Tu-2 bomber. It is considered by many authorities to be one of the best high-speed medium bombers of WWII, easily rivaling other comparable contemporary bombers, such as the Junkers Ju-88 flown by the Nazis. Designed by Andrey Tupolev in the late 1930s when he was a political prisoner, its success is credited as one of the factors that led to his early release in 1944.


Nikita Efremov,

Ekaterina Astakhova,

Aleksandr Davydov

Runtime: 400 min (8 episodes)

Sound Mix: Dolby (Dolby 5.1)

Color: Color