• Jericho - 1966-67 The Complete Series
  • Jericho - 1966-67 The Complete Series
  • Jericho - 1966-67 The Complete Series
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  Jericho: The Complete Series

 TV Series (1966–1967)


Three men, sent to topple the walls of Hitler's Fortress Europa. This secret team, operating under the name JERICHO, operates deep behind enemy lines in Nazi occupied territory and within the marginally 'safer' neutral cities in Europe. The three Allied officers, Franklin Sheppard (Don Francks), an American Army captain, Nicholas Gage (John Leyton), a British Navy lieutenant, and Jean-Gaston Andre (Marino Mase) a French Air Force lieutenant, is each a master of a deadly discipline. The American handles demolitions, the Frenchman is a master of weapons, and the Englishman is capable of astonishing physical feats. Their deadliest tool is their teamwork, as they operate with stealth and precision from North Africa to the Balkans and the Near East engaging n sabotage, espionage, intelligence and counter-intelligence, ambush, rescue and escape.

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