• A Message to Garcia (1936)
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A Message to Garcia (1936)


The real “message to Garcia” was delivered by an American lieutenant to Cuban rebel General Garcia, asking for the General’s help in the Spanish-American war. The fact that the lieutenant made his way to Garcia in absolute safety was ignored in 20th Century-Fox’s Message to Garcia–which is just as well, since otherwise the movie would have been eight minutes long. In the film version, lieutenant John Boles is guided through the treacherous Cuban jungle by Barbara Stanwyck, doing her best to convince us that she’s an Hispanic senorita. Also along for the trip is renegade marine Wallace Beery, who may not be as friendly as he seems. Fighting off Spaniards and spies at every turn, Boles successfully completes his mission. As history, Message to Garcia is about as reliable as the Hearst newspaper dispatches which triggered the Spanish-American war in the first place.


Wallace Beery                   Wallace Beery                   ...                  

Sergeant Dory

Barbara Stanwyck            Barbara Stanwyck            ...                  

Senorita Raphaelita Maderos

John Boles  John Boles  ...                  

Lieutenant Andrew Rowan

Alan Hale     Alan Hale     ...                  

Dr. Ivan Krug

Technical Specs


Runtime: 77 min

Sound Mix: Mono (Western Electric Noiseless Recording)

Color: Black and White