• Christmas at Camp 119  aka Natale al campo 119 (1947)
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 Christmas at Camp 119  aka Natale al campo 119 (1947)

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Second World War. Field 119 in California (USA). War is long over, but the Italian prisoners are still waiting to return home, preparing to celebrate away from their families, another sad Christmas. To give some vent to their nostalgia, there are family stories of their lives. A Roman tells of her difficult marriage. A Neapolitan soldier tells his lieutenant, a Neapolitan duke penniless. Meanwhile, the camp commander gave the prisoners a gramophone and, thus, the stories are interwoven songs. Another soldier recalls the parties and the songs of the Sicilian spring, while a Venetian gondolier recalls his love affair. Sometimes, the battered radio listening to news from abroad and Italy. Finally, one day, he comes the wait liberation and they go back home.


Aldo Fabrizi                    ...                 

Giuseppe Mancini, il romano

Vittorio De Sica             Vittorio De Sica             ...                 

Don Vicenzino

Peppino De Filippo      Peppino De Filippo      ...                 

Gennarino Capece, il napoletano

Massimo Girotti           Massimo Girotti           ...                 

Nane, il veneziano

Technical Specs

Runtime: 90 min

Sound Mix: Mono

Color: Black and White