• Higher Principle  1960  aka VYSSÍ PRINCI
  • Higher Principle  1960  aka VYSSÍ PRINCI
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Higher Principle  1960  aka VYSSÍ PRINCI

English subtitles

The story of High school in Czechoslovakia during occupation by Nazi Germany, where three students are arrested by Gestapo.

The story, taking place during the Nazi occupation, is about relationship between students and their elderly teacher of Latin nicknamed "Higher Principle" for his frequent quotation of Seneca's moral precepts. After three of their classmates are killed by Nazis during the murderous hysteria following the assassination of general Heydrich (just because they made fun of Heydrich), the teacher risks his own life but gains the respect of all students declaring that: From the standpoint of higher principles the killing of a tyrant is not a crime!

The movie was released in 1960 and was temporaly banned in West Germany as the "anti-German film".